The terms and conditions (T&Cs) stated below apply to all services provided by Beeheidi Sàrl and to clients who reside in and outside of Switzerland, with the exception of the online shop. Any individual placing an order declares they have read and agreed to the present T&Cs. In addition, provisions from the code of obligations (RS 220) apply.


The T&Cs take effect immediately after the booking order is confirmed or the quote has been signed by the client who then becomes the co-contracting party.Any modification that may occur after the signature of the booking confirmation, causing a readjustment of agreed services or extra costs, will be charged accordingly. 

The co-contracting party accepts full responsibility for the financial consequences of a cancellation after the booking confirmation has been signed.


The prices of services/products correspond to the date the proposal was sent to the client. They appear in Swiss Francs and do not include VAT. The stated prices are guaranteed during the offer’s validity period. For offers published on our website, prices are indicative and will be confirmed with client when a proposal is sent.


The payment procedure is established according to the conditions of each offer.

In case of late payment, Beeheidi Sàrl reserves the right to charge reminder fees, and, where appropriate, to terminate the contract with immediate effect.

All services provided by Beeheidi Sàrl are charged and received only via post office or bank transfer. Credit card payments are accepted and may be subject to additional fees.


Beeheidi Sàrl cannot be held responsible for services provided by independent contractors or third parties that are not directly run by Beeheidi (art. 101 al.2 CO), such as extra costs, delays, unforeseen circumstances, etc.

Beeheidi Sàrl accepts no responsibility for damages (accident, injury, etc.) the client is exposed to that may be caused by circumstances out of Beeheidi’s control.

Beeheidi Sàrl cannot be held liable for any unpredictable risks and/or risks linked to the client’s or the participant’s behaviour. In other words, the client accepts full responsibility for the risks associated with outdoor activities which may be unavoidable despite meticulous and cautious planning. Any outdoor activity may involve an element of risk, the client as well as all the participants confirm that they have the appropriate equipment and sufficient physical abilities for the practice of such activities. Furthermore, the participant must not be under the influence of substances that could compromise their safety and that of others.

In order to carry out the activity in the safest environment possible, the client must respect the instructions provided by Beeheidi Sàrl and any affiliated partner at all times. The client is required to immediately inform Beeheidi Sàrl and/or any affiliated partner of any potential concern, physical condition and/or psychological issue that may affect him. The client is held responsible for informing all participants in an activity managed by Beeheidi Sàrl about this safety clause.

Minors must be accompanied by their legal representative, or by an adult appointed by the legal representative.


Beheeidi Sàrl and any affiliated partner are covered by a professional third-party liability insurance. However, the client accepts full responsibility in case of loss, injury, death, or damage caused to a third party or himself, that may occur during one of the activities organised by Beeheidi Sàrl.

Each participant must have a personal accident and health insurance that covers mountain rescue services (such as AirGlacier, Rega, …) as well as a third-party liability insurance, that includes all the services and activities provided. 

Furthermore, each participant accepts full responsibility in case of damage, loss or theft of equipment belonging to Beeheidi Sàrl or an affiliated partner.


The co-contracting party must address a written cancellation request to Beeheidi Sàrl. The client accepts that fees will apply. The reservation is transferable but cannot be exchanged or refunded. 

If the minimum number of participants has not been reached, Beeheidi Sàrl reserves the right to cancel the stay or the activity, therefore refunding the registered participants. No further financial compensation is to be expected. 

If the weather conditions do not allow the activity to take place, Beheeidi Sàrl reserves the right to cancel the stay or the activity and will provide a full refund. No further financial compensation is to be expected. Beheeidi Sàrl does not provide a cancellation insurance. 

Clients are responsible for their own cancellation insurance.


If Beeheidi Sàrl considers that an activity or a trip should not start or should be interrupted before its end due to unforeseen circumstances (eg. Natural disaster, pandemic, political issues, or travel is not recommended, etc.), or under the order of competent authorities, Beeheidi cannot be held responsible. Furthermore, the company has the right to deduct from the amount refunded to the participant any costs/expenditures already made on their behalf. Any right to a financial compensation will not be taken into consideration.


Information shared between Beeheidi Sàrl and the co-contracting party in the context of the mandate regarding the provided services shall be treated in full confidentiality.


The T&Cs and all communication between Beeheidi Sàrl and the co-contracting party may be used to interpret the wishes of the co-contracting parties in the context of the services provided.


In the event of any dispute between Beeheidi Sàrl and the co-contracting party regarding the execution, non-execution, application or interpretation of the T&Cs, the court of jurisdiction is in Sierre (CH). 

Swiss law applies.


Our legal notices are available on the Legal Notice page.


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